Digital love

"In a pandemic? " Rishabh protested. "Come on, ma. Don't get started with it again." his face hung into a frown as he briefly considered hanging up. "Arey, I'm just telling you to keep your mind open." Ma continued. "You know what? You're an idiot, you should've just told her you're ok and have eaten... Continue Reading →

Narrative of a dying saint

"She looks so peaceful." I heard her whisper under her breath. "Yeah, she's been meditating again. it's really helped." Ma said. Oh, I could hear them alright. The sympathy oozing out like wine from squishing ripe grapes. I wasn't really asleep, just rolled over, my back towards them. "She's still got a lot of fight... Continue Reading →

The union of the forgotten dreams

The frame opens to “falling off the stairs dream (Dream 1)” sitting alone on a child sized yellow chair with a glass of hot chocolate milk in his left hand. “Nightmare (Dream 2)” walks in with “Convoluted incoherent dream (Dream 3)and sits on a red chair nearby. FALLING OFF THE STAIRS DREAM Who’s the Bomb?... Continue Reading →


"What Sir?....I've been in this business for 21 years, sir. I have been driving since I was in 8th class. And I've been in 8th class for 3 years so I know sir. Nobody has died while they are still learning car driving, sir." chuckled my driving instructor. My thoughts leapt out and split into... Continue Reading →

Friday the 400th

Amelia nudged Nawas prompting him to hug her tight. By design or by habit, all the hair were to hug each other into a single lock as Zenia slumbered at night. They were to stay quiet and leave out the snoring, dreaming and even walking to Zenia as she slept. It was only at the... Continue Reading →

Merciless editor

"All authentic stories in the world have already been told. All real art already created. Anything new you create today is just ignorant plagiarism of something you have or haven't stumbled upon yet. Take Gilgamesh for instance....." Dr. Shubhaparno Dutta had continued. Shashank's fingers lightly caressed the words written in quotes,  trapped forever on the... Continue Reading →


Have you ever been drunk enough to wake up to the sound of jitters, which is probably the sound of brain cells exploding one by one in your brain? Are you also probably familiar with your body hurting like you've just wrestled a 500 pound giant for an hour, while wondering if 500 giants are... Continue Reading →


Anandita's eyes lazily hovered over the seemingly perfect landscape before her. Binoy sat across the hall, his posture proper enough to remind her that he was head cadet during their school days. The hall with a high ceiling hosted three crystal chandeliers running in a straight line between Anandita and Binoy. They cast a kaleidoscopic... Continue Reading →

The migration- Part 1 of 2

"The threat in explaining complex scientific theories to people who know nothing about science is that you might end up sounding like a complete moron to them." Nina spoke. Her eyebrows tightly knit, little valleys forming on her forehead that disappeared into her sparse hairline. "For now, logic is all we need to make the... Continue Reading →

Partners in crime

"Are you serious? You can't just drag a dead body into the house and expect me to take care of everything!" Xavier said as he circled the red and pink mess of cold blooded murder that lay lumped in the centre of the Prussian blue carpet. "But, but... I was hungry and...cereal wouldn't do it... Continue Reading →

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