Anandita's eyes lazily hovered over the seemingly perfect landscape before her. Binoy sat across the hall, his posture proper enough to remind her that he was head cadet during their school days. The hall with a high ceiling hosted three crystal chandeliers running in a straight line between Anandita and Binoy. They cast a kaleidoscopic... Continue Reading →

Not so Parsi love

Some stories are so ordinary that the fact that most anyone can relate to them makes them extraordinary. One such story is that of my late parents. A story of love, sacrifice, and struggle. It's a story that both my pre-teens can narrate to you verbatim. One that I wouldn't mind narrating right now, amid... Continue Reading →

The migration- Part 1 of 2

"The threat in explaining complex scientific theories to people who know nothing about science is that you might end up sounding like a complete moron to them." Nina spoke. Her eyebrows tightly knit, little valleys forming on her forehead that disappeared into her sparse hairline. "For now, logic is all we need to make the... Continue Reading →

Partners in crime

"Are you serious? You can't just drag a dead body into the house and expect me to take care of everything!" Xavier said as he circled the red and pink mess of cold blooded murder that lay lumped in the centre of the Prussian blue carpet. "But, but... I was hungry and...cereal wouldn't do it... Continue Reading →

Unite and destroy

Kritesh stubbed out his beedi on the wooden bench amidst the hundred if not thousand stains of charred wood. A voice on the battery-powered, portable radio trailed out as it spoke. "War is not anticipated anytime soon." Confirmed the PM, it said. The sound of a thunderous round of applause drowned that voice. Kritesh rose... Continue Reading →

How to help your BFF get over a heartbreak

Hey, my lovlies, welcome to my blog. Before we get started with the how-to, allow me to tell you what makes me the perfect tutor for the aforementioned subject. Let me begin by saying I'm a woman, that should already explain half the reasons why I'm much better emotionally equipped to help other humans dealing... Continue Reading →

A note for India

Edwina's voice continues to echo in my mind as she read out Johann Gottlieb "you could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby ... changing something throughout all parts of the immeasurable whole". The hem of her salmon pink negligee resting lazily on her pearly thighs. I remember drawing her... Continue Reading →

Killer crickets

The wine glass that Rudra had hugged to sleep last night, disintegrated under his weight and now pierced red holes into his fingers. He woke up undecided if it was the pain from the glass or what it held last night that was more intense. The television in the life-sized living room ran reruns of... Continue Reading →

Nonsense and non-sensibility

If Jane Austen were to write "Sense and sensibility" today, Colonel Brandon would be a balding startup enthusiast, an electrical engineer working in IT with a beer belly that jiggled in unison with the three surviving facial hair dangling from his chin with every step he walked. Oh, and if he were to be an... Continue Reading →

Atukir – the mother queen

Atukir looked up at the dark clouds that swallowed the twinkling stars. She closed her eyes and raised her arms in a gesture of prayer. The first drop of heaven dropped on her lip and diluted the red into a salmon pink, another drop then chased the pink down to her long neck and yet... Continue Reading →

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